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Video News Production

Contest Coordinator: Brian Anderson

Contestants will be expected to complete a three-minute newscast. They are expected to turn in their résumés, a digital copy of their newscast (recorded on the Tricaster), a paper copy of their rundown(s), and a paper copy of their script(s).

  1. The competition will be held on the second floor of the Heartland Events Center. Competition will start at 10am. We will have cameras, a NewTek TriCaster mini, news desk, lavaliere microphones, communication headsets, and teleprompter
  2. Contestants only need to bring a USB flash drive (16GB minimum) and a hard copy of their resume.
  3. There will NOT be a written test for this competition. There will also NOT be a contest orientation. We will cover everything on the day of the competition at your sceduled time.
  4. Computers will be provided for writing your news stories and a printer will also be provided to print off documents.