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Interactive Application & Game Development

Teams of 2 will meet with contest coordinator and turn in their USB drives with their video on it at 8:30 am. Competitors will then set up their table in the hallway space outside the Career Pathways Institute (CPI) Info Tech and Conference room. Each team will be given a table (per the contest description), and have access to an outlet. They will have until 9:30 am to set up their table. Teams will take the online exam in the CPI Info Tech Computer Lab at 9:30, and will be given one hour. Following the exam (10:30 am), there will be a short break, and then teams should be present at their table to be able to answer questions from judges. Once the judges have had a chance to visit with each team and see their display, teams will be ushered in one at a time to demo their game and answer questions. Other teams will not be allowed in this session.

Students need to bring a USB with their video on it, as well as a laptop that can connect to a projector to present their game with. The interpretation of the standards is as long as the video runs on the device you bring, you should be good. It’s encouraged to plan on the device connecting to a projector to demonstrate the game to the judges. In addition for the state competition, internet will be available if teams wanted the judges to view it from YouTube.