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SkillsUSA Alumni & Friends Association


For alumni members, becoming a local chapter supporter gives them the opportunity to renew acquaintances, build networks with others in the working community and give back to SkillsUSA what the organization has given to them.

Alumni can provide experience and expertise to the local SkillsUSA program. Roles can include serving as a local program advisory committee member, a job placement coordinator, a volunteer at local or state conferences, a contest judge or as a guest speaker. Alumni are interested in helping because were once students in the same program. They know the challenges of organizing activities. Moreover, many Alumni have gained new insight from their own career experiences and are willing to share their knowledge, time and expertise with former instructors. It feels good to give back to your former program.

Alumni may join at any time during the year. Members are encouraged to continually update their contact information.

The SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association’s mission is to help promote SkillsUSA in terms of time, talent and financial resources at all levels – local, district, state and national.

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