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Advisor Resources

Membership Kit Downloads & 10 Steps to a Successful Chapter

National Program of Work

Each chapter is encouraged to complete at least one activity from each of the seven areas of the National Program of Work. Click here to view the Program of Work descriptions.

SkillsUSA Framework

SkillsUSA has an impact on the lives of America’s future workforce through the development of personal, workplace, and technical skills that are grounded in academics.


Chapter Excellence Program

The Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) is the single best way to ensure you have a successful SkillsUSA chapter. The Chapter Excellence Program takes the guess work out of what it looks like to be a healthy SkillsUSA chapter. It provides the requirements and indicators that meet the standards for success and prepares members for career readiness as defined in the SkillsUSA Framework.

  • CEP Teachers’ Guide
  • CEP Mini Lessons

National Membership

  • Early registration deadline is November 15th
  • National membership is due February 14th and must be paid by March 2nd
  • Membership state dues are reviewed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.
  • Student membership dues are $16 ($8 for state; $8 for nationals)
  • Professional membership dues are $28 ($8 for state; $20 for nationals)
  • Click here for membership registration instructions.  Or here for the Quick Start Guide.
  • For the training programs, pick 1-3 programs that best describe your situation and register your students/advisers under those programs. You can either “restore” members from last year or click on “add member”. If you have more than one training program, make sure to only pick one to register yourself under as membership type “Professional”. If you need have more than 100 members, please contact Greg for instructions on how to upload your membership file.
  • Use the national website to access the most current National Technical Standards, Jump Into STEM!, and Career Essentials: Foundations.

Jump Into STEM!

provides an opportunity for SkillsUSA members to engage middle-school students and create an open door to recruitment for high-school career and technical education (CTE) programs. Jump into STEM! is a free member benefit as part of payment of SkillsUSA professional membership dues.

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Curriculum
  • Jump Into STEM! Middle School

Career Essentials

suite ensures students have the foundation skills, attitudes and values to distinguish them from other applicants in the skilled labor marketplace. This suite is the solution in producing career-ready graduates who are prepared to face the 21st-century demands of employers.

Foundations (formerly known as the Career Readiness Curriculum [CRC]) builds awareness of the SkillUSA Framework which is essential to a successful career and technical education program.

Experiences (replaces Professional Development Program [PDP]) demonstrates working together in teams, understanding leadership, communicating clearly and demonstrating integrity.

Assessments (formerly Work Force Ready System Skill Connect Assessments) provides assessments for career and technical education that are supported by industry, education and policy leader

Other Resources

Advocacy Site
This site is a free service to SkillsUSA members and our partners that allows you to contact policymakers or reach the news media with your message.

  • Find your elected officials
  • Media template
  • Sample Press Release

Brand Center
Calendar of Events
CareerSafe Online Safety Training
Contest List
Join NDE-SkillsUSA Advisor ListServ
National Membership & Resources
Recruitment Ideas
Partnership Packet
Personal Liability & Medical Release Form, Code of Conduct, and Photography and Sound Release
SkillsUSA Nebraska brochure
SkillsUSA Store
Submit your SkillsUSA photos here throughout the year

Chapter Fundraising:

Bakers is a family business, Kevin and his two sons Todd and Paul, that strives to make the best gourmet chocolate, period. Todd and Paul are both past SkillsUSA Nebraska State Officers that still have the passion for SkillsUSA. They have witnessed the skills and leadership that plays into our organization; they are both a product of SkillsUSA.
The cost of this product to the Local SkillsUSA Chapter/State SkillsUSA Office is $2.50/box (24 boxes to a case). The suggested retail price is $5.00/box; however you are able to set your own price.