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Industrial Motor Control

Contest Coordinator: Anthony Hoffman

Students will need to interpret information necessary to repair a ladder diagram so they can wire a motor starter/ contactor based on the drawing. Students will need to bend 1/2 inch conduit.

Students will need to bring their electrical pouch tools which must include wire identification numbers,  screwdrivers, terminating screwdrivers, wire strippers, multimeter, tape measure, level, pencil, safety glasses clear, and cut resistance gloves, electrical rated boots, a hard hat and cordless drill with Phillips’s bit and a ½ inch conduit bender and hack saw. Added tools conduit reamer tool and Philips screw driver(s)

A contest shirt and identification badge must be worn to competition, along with electrical rated boots and long-legged pants (If your boots are not electrical rated a 10-point reduction will be assessed to your final grade and you then can compete). Contestants will need 1-page resume.

This contest starts promptly at 8 am you must be at the contest site by this time.