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Additive Manufacturing

Contest Coordinator:  Charles Hildebrand

ORIENTATION MEETING – Thursday 7pm – Pinnacle Bank Arena

Note: Design file must be emailed by March 22, 2024 by 5pm CST to [email protected]. Subject line should read ADMNF (FULL NAME) DESIGN.  Click here for 2024 contest guidelines. 

3D printing demands of its practitioners’ literacy in many areas.  Competitors should expect to demonstrate their ability to use 3D CAD, design for the advantages of additive manufacturing, account for limitations of major 3D printing technologies, advocate for design choices and use creativity to solve physical problems and real constraints. 

Design for 3D printing a project that meets specific criteria that focus on form, fit, and function. This contest will include a written test.

On contest day, students must submit:

  1. Engineering Notebook (see guidelines)
  2. 3D printed design files
  3. Printed part (provided by contest chair day of contest)
  4. Presentation of design

Materials to be Provided by Competitor:

  •  3D design submitted by 5pm CST March 22 see above
  • Computer system with computer design software capable of rendering files in STL or CMB format. Software must be able to operate without network connections to your school.
  • Thumb drive loaded with 3D design
  • Engineering notebook and pencils or pens
  • Presentation