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Contest Coordinator: Tim Shirmer

Click here for the mandatory Safety Certification.

Tools/Equipment list each student competitor needs to bring for this contest from 2024:

  1. Cordless 3/8″ Drill or electric Drill with 25‚Ä≤ extension cord and power strip
  2. Phillips #2 bit and smaller drill bitsCordless pin nailer (optional)
  3. Philips #2 bit and smaller drill bits
  4. Hammer
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Combination Square
  7. Speed Square
  8. Framing Square
  9. Pencils
  10. Nail sets
  11. Utility knife
  12. Hand Saw (optional)
  13. Quick Clamps, c-clamp, bar or pipe clamps of various sizes (will need to clamp project size of at least 30″)
  14. Screw Drivers (Philips and Flat)
  15. Sanding Block
  16. Various grit sand paper for finish sanding
  17. Small bottle of glue
  18. Calculator
  19. One-page Resume