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Digital Cinema Production

Contest Coordinator: Joe Dean Lacy

The contest will be divided into three portions: a script or storyboard assignment to be completed in teams of two people, an interview with one or more judges and a short video (four-and-one-half to five minutes in length) that will be filmed and edited on site (meaning all work must be done between contest briefing and designated turn-in-time).

All footage must be acquired after the contest has begun and must be filmed within the area specified by the field assignment.

Click here for the scope of the competition.


  • One-page resume
  • Any camera that can shoot video
  • A microphone for recording audio
  • Copyright-free music or licensed music with proof of license for each song and/or sound effect used
  • Script or storyboard of the video
  • Computer with editing software
  • A USB Thumb drive to transfer the final video