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Job Skills Demo

Contest Coordinator: Tonja Brown

Contestants demonstrate and explain an entry-level skill used in the occupational area for which they are training.

Competitors in Job Skill A:  Must demonstrate a career objective in an occupational area that is included in one of the contest areas of the SkillsUSA Championships.

Competitors in Job Skill Open:  Any technical skill may be demonstrated, from outside the training program of the participant.


  • 8am – Job Skill Demo both A and Open – High School
  • 10am – Job Skill – State Only
  • 11am – Job Skill A – Middle School
  • 12pm – Job Skill Open – Middle School
  • 12:30pm – Job Skill Open – College

Times are subject to change. Both middle school and college contestants need to check in 30 minutes before their time to see if times have changed.