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Contest Coordinator: Erika Thiele

Submit TWO board-mounted prints taken with a DSLR camera with following criteria: Click here for your 2024 contest criteria.

**** CELL PHONE PHOTOS ARE NOT PERMITTED! Cellphone photos will be an instant disqualification. Photoshop Required! ****

Student must pass a multiple choice test of photographic knowledge with a 70% or higher. The test
will include questions on Photographic history, lighting, lenses, camera parts, settings, and more.

A field assignment will be given ONLY to those that pass the exam described above. This
assignment is an opportunity to showcase camera and photoshop skills.

Contests will provide Laptop, Adobe Photshop CS4+ or higher, DSLR camera with compatible lens, extra batteries and charging cables, an 8gb+ memory card for camera, a blank USB memory stick, card reader or camera cable, 2 print competition images and print description sheet (see contest requirements), pencil.