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Pin Design

Contest Coordinator: 

The competition is designed to assess the competitor’s ability to design and produce a trading pin concept for their State SkillsUSA Association. 


  1. All entries must be rendered in color (full color or two-color). Preferably, entries will be created in a design software package such as Illustrator, or Photoshop. However, contestants are permitted to use equivalent open-source software such as Inkscape, Gimp, etc. Licensed software such as the Corel suite, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, etc. is also acceptable. Entries may also be hand-drawn, painted or rendered in colored pencils or markers.
  2. All entries should be submitted on a single 8.5″x11″ page with two sizes: 7″ and 1-1/2″. Both sizes must be  identical. A copy for judging must be turned in at registration Thursday. The larger 7″ version is for showing greater detail. The smaller 1-1/2″ version is to show what the actual pin will look like at pin size. The larger version must be 7″ wide or 7″ tall on its largest dimension for judging. The smaller version must be 1-1/2″ wide or 1-1/2″ tall on its largest dimension to show how the actual pin will look at pin size. Deductions will be taken for each size version as follows: Every 1/4″ over or under on the 7″ version and every 1/8″ over or under on the 1-1/2″ version. Wording on the pin must reference the name of the State, the year, and SkillsUSA. Note that both sizes should be readable, but especially at the 1-1/2″ actual pin size. Your contestant number must be placed on your submitted artwork. The SkillsUSA emblem or SkillsUSA logo (or elements of either) should not appear on the pin. The name SkillsUSA must be used and the proper spelling must be as shown (SkillsUSA is one word; accurate use of capitalization is required to represent the brand’s standards.)
  3. The design must be the original concept of the student. Use of the students’ own original photos, drawings or digital art is highly recommended. Designs may be constructed of small amounts of Creative Commons licensed material, material in the public domain, or commercial stock images. These materials must be accompanied by proof of license and must provide attribution to credit the originator.
  4. Designs that violate copyright laws are subject to elimination.
  5. A total of only 6 colors are allowed.

Pin designs are pre-screened and then voted on by our delegates, awarded a state medal and the design will be worn at the next national conference.