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Technical Drafting

Contest Coordinator: Colby Skarka

Contestants will be responsible for creating a set of working drawings complete with appropriate views, annotations, notes, and title blocks in accordance with ASME standards. A maximum of 4 text books may be used for reference. Contestants need to bring their own computer with CAD software and a jump (USB) drive for printing. Students will need to be able to print to a pdf, save the pdf to their jump drive, and print from the jump drive (there will be a printer/copier available for all contestants to share on the day of the competition). All prints will be A-size or B-size prints. Contestants should set up their computers and print a test drawing after opening ceremonies on Thursday evening between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.

Contestants will be required to work independently. No assistance may be given by other competitors, instructors, advisors, or observers. The competition will include an exam that assesses technical drafting knowledge and will be given at the start of the competition, prior to the modeling/drawing portion of the competition. (No books, notes, or internet permitted during the exam. Please bring a pencil or pen.)

Contestants need to bring:

  • Computer with CAD software (set up Thursday evening 4-5pm)
  • 6’ multiple-outlet surge protector (set up Thursday evening 4-5pm)
  • USB/Jump Drive
  • Four reference books
  • One-page resume

Clothing requirement is a Class E: Competition Specific – Business Casual

  • Official SkillsUSA white polo shirt OR plain white polo
  • Black dress slacks or black dress skirt (knee-length minimum)
  • Black closed-toed dress shoes

Cell phones or other electronic devices are not approved by the competition’s national technical committee and are not allowed in the competition area.