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Television/Video Production

Contest Coordinator: 

The objective of this competition is to showcase your creative and technical skills in
producing a high-quality video production. Participants are required to produce a TV commercial with a
duration of 30-60 seconds. The commercial can be for any product or service and
can be shot using any device.

Each participant or team must submit a completed video production, adhering to the category’s duration requirements. The video will be uploaded to a thumb drive.

The video’s credits (not included in the run time) must include the following:

  • The title of your video production.
  • A brief description of your video production (maximum of 150 words).
  • The names of all the participants involved in the production.
  • The equipment used in the production.

Format: The film must be submitted in digital format (e.g. .mp4 or .mov) with a resolution of 1080p or higher.
Originality: The film must be original and made on the day of the competition.
Music and Copyright: Any music used in the film must be original, royalty-free, or properly licensed. Any copyright infringement will result in disqualification. (you will have to submit authorization to use the sound(s)
Deadline: You have 4 hours to complete this.

Required items to bring with you:

  1. One-page resume.
  2. Any camera that can shoot video.
  3. A microphone for recording audio.
  4. Copyright-free music or licensed music with proof of license for each song and/or sound effect used.
  5. Script or storyboard of the video.
  6. Computer with editing software.
  7. A USB Thumb drive to transfer the final video.